Take a stroll among my collection of home made tarot spreads. All spreads are free for you to download and use. Please give credits to Place of Stillness when using the spread on public platforms.

Wheel of Transformation Spread

The Wheel of Transformation Spread can be used as a year ahead spread or for tracking a development. You will put one or several significator cards in the middle and read the wheel through the four seasons. Download the spread layout here!

Wise Turtle Spread

The Wise Turtle Spread is a spread fit to answer ”should” questions and ”yes/no” questions. The spread will dig in the reasons for asking the cards and offer you clear directions in the end. Download the spread layout here!

10 Shameless Tarot Reading Hacks

The ten shameless tarot reading hacks are tools to make the tarot reading more interactive. Download the list containing all my reading hacks here.

Liberated Me Spread

The Liberated Me Spread helps us to move forward when feeling paralysed. We start from the trapped self, look into mental and emotional blocks, how to release these blocks and where to find the liberated self. Download spread layout here!

Archetype Interview Spread

This spread is helpful if you own the Wild Unknown Archetype Deck and want to deepen your work with any of the archetypes. With the spread you will explore the energies surrounding the archetypes in the moment in time. Download the spread layout here!

Knowing my Wounds Spread

This spread will take you to your weak points in a gentle way. You will explore your soul contract around the issue and work you way to letting go and formulating a new soul contract. Download spread layout here!