Not more complicated

It happens that the tarot cards are stating the obvious in a way that makes the reader go blank. Apart from lives business I have been taking the backdoor instead of confronting these two cards from the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread. I read the entries in the guidebooks and tried to get to the elaborate core of card meanings. The Explorer of Candles and the Book were supposed to help me understand the fruit of my ambition to be an astrologer. In other words, the card combination was all about explaining to me how my services would make a difference for the recipient. The key phrases that I use in my elevator pitch are about helping people to take their next practical steps, so that lines up with the Explorer of Candles. In effect taking next steps will help people to understand their own story from back then to now and forward. In summary the cards message might not be more complicated than that.

The alchemy of faith

Today I decided to do an add-on daily draw to boost the message of the Six of Bells and Seven of Ink. The Six of Bells and Seven of Ink had already let me know that it would be a good idea to communicate my current course of action and to shine with pride as I follow my ambition. In order to connect with this message even more deeply, I engaged the latest newcomer on my tarot and oracle shelves, the Wild Unknown Alchemy deck. It said “Neptunus”, which an astrologer immediately translates into “water”, “dissolution”, “faith”. The funny thing about these cards in a row is that all of them contain rays; how fitting for the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread. To me the cards seem to say that I can send my prayers and intentions to the godly realms, letting them answer and guide me. I have nothing to defend in the solid world of the day-to-day, the higher wisdom of the divine will speak on my behalf. Keep going and trust in the alchemy of faith!

Visual pop-up magick

Visual pop-up magick, exactly! Maybe it is all Uranus squaring out and about in the sky or maybe it is what was meant to be regardless. When I did the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread at the beginning of Leo season, I found the 8 of Tomes (Pentacles) and the Artist in one position. These cards clearly had a very high opinion of the best version of myself in the role of the astrologer; and they encouraged me to stack up on astrology books and get the creative juices flowing. I am currently in the process of creating a cheat sheet booklet for traditional astrology. The booklet will accompany some of my Patreon offers. It is a pleasure to be designing this piece of teaching material, which equally excites me as a piece of visual pop-up magick. There is no doubt that I was taken by surprise as the process started flowing from my fingers, and I know deep inside that Canva Pro was one of the most rewarding and fun business investments this year!!

Impostor in disguise

Sometimes I do things quick and dirty because I feel trapped in a tight-knit family dress and believe that jumping ahead of myself is the best way forward. Many parents, or otherwise busy people, easily get into the habit of rushing their tasks, fearing not being able to finish and manifest what they really dream of. I am in Spain now and my husband and son are at the beach for two weeks, leaving me completely alone in our new flat. It should be the perfect time to get things done, and I even do get things done, and everything looks FINE. But what the heck is going on inside of me? I find myself looking up business advice, counselling sessions, tarot readers, well, simply the full range of self-improvement tools for spiritual business owners. But as I scroll and scroll and scroll, I realise that I am caught up in a very unhelpful pattern.

I have already attended numerous courses in astrology and energy healing. I have polished my website, included a scheduling tool with available times, finalised a Patreon page, and even started a NEW YouTube channel (click here if curious) where I can embody the professional astrologer, starting on a clean slate, now that I have shed the skin of my so called “old life”. I realise that all of my weird behaviour is not rooted in a lack of preparation, but that it is a slice of impostor in disguise. The Numinous Spirit Press gave me really nice cards in the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread. In the position of what I need to clarify about my ambition to rise and shine, I got XIII Death and the Child. It tells me that I am no longer stuck, I have made the changes I wanted to make, and I have been brave and skilful. It is just about giving myself some time combusting old energy webs and giving my astrology baby space to breathe!