The momentum tunnel

When I attended a neo-shamanic training, one of the teachers addressed the momentum tunnel. The momentum tunnel is a metaphore for our lives being constructed by habits, beliefs, and dependencies that keep us in a set trajectory where shifts seem impossible. In order to escape the speedy movement through the tunnel, we either need to slow down or reduce the load so that we can make a safe turn. Recently I contacted my predictive reader and received bad news regarding my hopes to create an income from astrology and tarot services. I do believe in the view of my reader but will I let those news get me down and change my plans? In fact not, because I believe even more in my capacity to change my life into the direction I am envisioning. With the information from the reading, however, I am prepared to let the evolution take time. I received the Queen of Swords twice this past week: as my guide on my path and as a mode to reclaim my power on a professional level. I will need to hold on to my vision, take time to create space for the next steps, let the momentum slow down, and allow the universe to show me what is meant for me. It does not mean my longing is everything, it does not mean my path will be exactly like _this_, but it will mean that I am on my way and believe in my ability to create something that provides what I am looking for on an archetypal level.

Time for reclamation

I am sitting in the cafĂ© right in front of my office. It is my last day at work and I am essentially going to take one last coffee with a dear colleague and hand in my computer. Picking up my Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot and the Reclaim Oracle I do a “reclaim” tarot spread. The cards tell me that I am in the place of the 2 of Wands, at the threshold to the Ace of Cups, going to reclaim my personal life with XVI Revolution, my relationship life with VIII Strength, and my work life with the Queen of Swords, about to step into the power of the Queen of Wands. The 10 of Wands drops out of the deck telling me to take it easy on myself, amplified by the oracle card Protection. What a beautiful draw. I will have to find ways to make the reclamation real in my life. It is not enough to change the external circumstances such as my address and employment. I will use this spread as a stepping off stone for deep inner work where I explore each one of the cards in its emotional and practical components. I see it coming!

A guide on my path

The Queen of Swords has revealed herself as a guide on my path in the Boho Tarot inspired monthly medicine practice. In what fashion can I let myself be guided by this queen? She sits firmly on her throne, eyes closed, and holding her sword like a meditative tool. It is her sharp mind and foresight that allow her to keep her eyes closed. Even if her eyes do not tell her what is going to come, her psychic connection to the world allows her to plot the next steps accurately and in a logical order. The wind comes as the messenger, an element that is full of surprises and commands a swift response. During the next days and maybe weeks I will do body journaling with the Queen of Swords, slipping into the body posture of this sovereign queen, letting my naked feet rest on rocks, and the wind kiss my cheeks. I love body journaling as a way of connecting with my tarot cards and integrating the messages into my daily life.