The alchemy of faith

Today I decided to do an add-on daily draw to boost the message of the Six of Bells and Seven of Ink. The Six of Bells and Seven of Ink had already let me know that it would be a good idea to communicate my current course of action and to shine with pride as I follow my ambition. In order to connect with this message even more deeply, I engaged the latest newcomer on my tarot and oracle shelves, the Wild Unknown Alchemy deck. It said “Neptunus”, which an astrologer immediately translates into “water”, “dissolution”, “faith”. The funny thing about these cards in a row is that all of them contain rays; how fitting for the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread. To me the cards seem to say that I can send my prayers and intentions to the godly realms, letting them answer and guide me. I have nothing to defend in the solid world of the day-to-day, the higher wisdom of the divine will speak on my behalf. Keep going and trust in the alchemy of faith!

Visual pop-up magick

Visual pop-up magick, exactly! Maybe it is all Uranus squaring out and about in the sky or maybe it is what was meant to be regardless. When I did the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread at the beginning of Leo season, I found the 8 of Tomes (Pentacles) and the Artist in one position. These cards clearly had a very high opinion of the best version of myself in the role of the astrologer; and they encouraged me to stack up on astrology books and get the creative juices flowing. I am currently in the process of creating a cheat sheet booklet for traditional astrology. The booklet will accompany some of my Patreon offers. It is a pleasure to be designing this piece of teaching material, which equally excites me as a piece of visual pop-up magick. There is no doubt that I was taken by surprise as the process started flowing from my fingers, and I know deep inside that Canva Pro was one of the most rewarding and fun business investments this year!!

Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread

This past month I have spent working with the tarot cards that came up in the Reclaim Tarot Spread. The Queen of Wands was the last card in the spread that I recently connected into my daily life. In order to continue my slow paced and embodied tarot practice, I now designed a new tarot spread for Leo season; the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread. This spread is all about creating awareness around my ambition and finding ways to live in accordance with it each and every day. I actively chose the Star card from the Trionfi della Luna Paradoxical to represent the area in my life in which I wish to rise and shine. I then did the rest of the spread with the Numinous Tarot and Threadbound Oracle as usual. These upcoming weeks I will work on each one of these cards, which means to integrate them through embodied reflection. If you want to do the Rise’n’Shine tarot reading for yourself, you can find the printable pdf-sheet here 🙂

Raven going pink

We made it to Spain and our stuff also made it to Spain, arriving with the moving company only twelve hours after us. Since our arrival, I have been focusing in on the last card in my Reclaim Tarot Spread, the Queen of Wands. If you want to see our new flat, receive some behind the scenes updates, and hear me recap on my tarot practice in more detail, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter. The Queen of Wands occupied the position of the overall guiding energy that would result from the reclamation process that I started after quitting my job in the middle of June. The life changes that I have worked for have created the space around me to finally embody the Queen of Wands fully. She is no longer an aspiration, dream, or idea; I am living her every day. Also, the queen in me, which has always been so earthy and black, now feels ethereal and pink in her expression. The transition from being a black raven to adding pink comes as such a surprise, but I see the change as an actual energy shift taking place. It is easy to get stuck in past assumptions of who we are when we imagine our place of ownership and action. I am happy to be surprised; and if pink is the guiding colour now, I will go for it!

Swallowed in one piece

My focus card for today was the fourth card in my “reclaim” tarot spread: VIII Strength. Strength showed up to describe the process of reclamation in my relationship life and it feels both very accurate and manilayered in this position. The card tells me to claim some of my energy back by continuously working on firm boundaries while keeping an openness towards compromises. The balance between my and others needs is an issue for anyone of us almost all the time. There is no exhaustive guide to the rights and wrongs in connecting with others, no cheat sheet with the corrects quiz answers to the “getting you”. I want to let Strength remind me that a loss of boundaries is natural in certain situations and moments. Becoming a parent is only one of those life events when the lion swallows us in one piece. Doing the parenting with someone is a complex achievement that can drain us as much as it brings delight. There is no shame in letting boundaries slip and slowly claiming them back.

The bravery of being

This morning, my family and I packed our car full of stuff and drove to the first ferry on our trip. I am writing this while I we are crossing the Baltic Sea, going from Sweden to Germany, before continuing our journey to England, Ireland, and our final destination Spain. I am using this day’s head space to reflect on the first tarot card in my “reclaim” tarot spread, the 2 of Wands, which landed in the position of where I am currently at. A quote from the guidebook says: “Think about the things you have claimed and what else you feel to make your own”. In fact, in this very moment I do not feel in the mood to make new stuff or new roles my own. These past years have been pretty busy, creating a sense of security by acquiring things and doing what was expected of me. For the time being I would much prefer to return some of what I borrowed and wash gold from what will remain. The figure depicted in the 2 of Wands looks like she is unsure about where she belongs. A lush, floating cactus island lies right beneath her feet, carrying her to an unknown destination. She looks back through a gate of two wands, maybe regretful, maybe fearful? This is how I might have felt this morning when crossing under the pillars of the Öresund bridge that seems to separate Scandinavia from the warmer parts of the continent. My cactus spaceship is gaining momentum but emotionally I am still looking back. So here is what I will take from the 2 of Wands, the bravery of letting go and being in the moment, to claim my emotional presence this very day.

Time for reclamation

I am sitting in the café right in front of my office. It is my last day at work and I am essentially going to take one last coffee with a dear colleague and hand in my computer. Picking up my Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot and the Reclaim Oracle I do a “reclaim” tarot spread. The cards tell me that I am in the place of the 2 of Wands, at the threshold to the Ace of Cups, going to reclaim my personal life with XVI Revolution, my relationship life with VIII Strength, and my work life with the Queen of Swords, about to step into the power of the Queen of Wands. The 10 of Wands drops out of the deck telling me to take it easy on myself, amplified by the oracle card Protection. What a beautiful draw. I will have to find ways to make the reclamation real in my life. It is not enough to change the external circumstances such as my address and employment. I will use this spread as a stepping off stone for deep inner work where I explore each one of the cards in its emotional and practical components. I see it coming!

A guide on my path

The Queen of Swords has revealed herself as a guide on my path in the Boho Tarot inspired monthly medicine practice. In what fashion can I let myself be guided by this queen? She sits firmly on her throne, eyes closed, and holding her sword like a meditative tool. It is her sharp mind and foresight that allow her to keep her eyes closed. Even if her eyes do not tell her what is going to come, her psychic connection to the world allows her to plot the next steps accurately and in a logical order. The wind comes as the messenger, an element that is full of surprises and commands a swift response. During the next days and maybe weeks I will do body journaling with the Queen of Swords, slipping into the body posture of this sovereign queen, letting my naked feet rest on rocks, and the wind kiss my cheeks. I love body journaling as a way of connecting with my tarot cards and integrating the messages into my daily life.