Tarot Readings

Most of my tarot readings are co-creative and give you a lot of space to assess your situation and design your future. I will assist you in that process by laying out and interpreting the cards. However if you are in need of direct advice or an indication future developments I can help you with that too. My tarot readings are usually provided by Skype call in English, Swedish or German. Find my tarot readings here!

Sacred Conversation

In a sacred conversation I hold space for you to share anything that you wish to share. I will be there with you and for you and let you speak. I may pose questions to deepen the conversation. However I will not give any advice or directions unless you explicitly ask me to share my perspective. At the end of the sacred conversation I will offer you to hold space for an energetic shift. I offer sacred conversations in English, Swedish or German. Find my sacred conversation offering here!

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is all about releasing stuck energy from your body’s energy field. In a Skype appointment I will look into your chakras, and remove energetic imprints that are ready to go. I adapt my techniques to the needs of each client at the time for the session. I will summarise the treatment for you when the energy work has come to an end and let you go with directions for you to manifest the energetic shifts on all levels of your life. While energy medicine speaks its very own language, the verbal part of the treatment is available in English, Swedish and German. Find my energy medicine offering here!