Divining with astrology

Booking a reading with me

When you book a reading with me, I will need the date, time, and place of your birth in order to cast your chart. I will analyse your birth chart before our meeting and identify the elements that speak to your requested reading. I will walk you through your questions and the possible answers provided by your chart and, depending on your booking, the tarot cards also. You will be an active part of the conversation all the time, and you are invited to ask follow-up questions during the given time frame.

Using your reading well

As an astrologer I can help you see what is likely to manifest in your life according to your birth chart. It is my job to help you identify the most constructive ways of dealing with the field of possibilities, bringing harmony into your process of creation. Since the time of your session is limited, you will get the most out of your reading if we collaborate. Any information that frames your situation and questions will help me to focus on the areas of your chart that are important for you right now. You can submit a description of your situation or questions as you book.

Reading formats

All my readings are 90 minutes long and provided via Zoom. It is possible to receive the reading in video-recorded format only, should you prefer not to meet on Zoom. We can also meet in person in Madrid if you live here or can come to see me. I offer astrological readings that will focus primarily on your birth chart as well as follow-up astro-tarot coaching that involves your birth chart and the tarot cards. You are always welcome to contact me at info@placeofstillness.org to inquire about tailor-made services.