Find the list of all my tarot services below. The Short Tarot Reading and the Pathfinder Tarot Reading will be provided as a video recording. The Creative Tarot Reading and the DeLuxe Tarot Reading are provided live via Zoom. All readings are available in English, Swedish or German.

Short Tarot Reading

The Short Tarot Reading offers a crisp and clear view on your situation without going into all the details. You can book the reading with a question at hand or for a general reading. The reading style is concise and dynamic, letting you go with new ideas for the immediate time to come. The reading is provided as a video recording of 15 minutes. Read more!

Pathfinder Tarot Reading

The Pathfinder Tarot Reading is right for you when you need a clear view of your situation. As the reading is provided in video format I will go with the cards entirely and tell you what I see. The reading style is investigative and assertive. The reading is provided as a video recording of 30 minutes. Read more!

Creative Tarot Reading

The Creative Tarot Reading will guide you into the depths of the issue and provide you with clear future visions. We will start from a spread with fixed positions yet will develop on the fixed pattern with additional cards. As you speak I will offer you creative tools to make the most of your reading and to design a master plan for your future. The reading style is deepening and empowering. The reading is provided live on Zoom in the time frame of 60 minutes. Read more!

DeLuxe Tarot Reading

The DeLuxe Tarot Reading is designed to provide you with more insights on a topic that is unfolding in your life. We will look for more information in the cards on the past, present, future, current challenges and potential. The reading goes into detail about your situation and you will be able to ask follow up questions. Most certainly I will also include creative techniques in order to activate your potential. The reading style is slow paced, providing you lots of space to reflect, as well as empowering. The reading is provided live on Zoom in the time frame of 90 minutes. Read more!