Now it has been almost 1,5 years since we entered the pandemic. Many of us are really tired and experience deep change as social life is slowly gaining momentum again. The #tarotselflove hashtag invites you to show yourself some love. Consciously pick a tarot or oracle card for each of the prompts, sip your tea,Fortsätt läsa ”#tarotselflove”

The Spring Awakening Spread

Take a walk in the woods with me and get to know the Spring Awakening Spread. The Spring Awakening Spread helps you to identify lost soul parts or life force and reintegrate what is truly yours. Watch the video and download the spread layout here!

The Missing Jenny

What to do when doing a tarot reading and the card you most desired is not showing up? Well, let’s use a shameless tarot reading hack and invite the Missing Jenny! This reading hack will help you to figure out what is, what you really want, and how to get what you really want. SoFortsätt läsa ”The Missing Jenny”

Läser in…

Något gick fel. Ladda om sidan och/eller försök igen.


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