My spiritual life

Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to spend my days in devotional prayer. I visited Catholic monasteries and Buddhist centres in order to find my place as a nun in an established setting. While I enjoyed the contemplation practiced at these places, I never felt fully dedicated to any or just one of the traditions. In a quest to finally find a devotional path where I could feel at home, I trained to be a neo-shamanic practitioner, worked as a tarot reader, dipped my toes into witchcraft, learned Andean healing techniques, and studied traditional as well as modern astrology. Today I work as an astrologer, tarot reader, and healing medium. Learn more about my spiritual life and career path below!

Value statements

My spiritual life is best understood through the value statements that inform my daily practices. These values and practices build on meditation, prayer, and offerings at my altar; include commitments to silence, cleanliness and simplicity; and hold aesthetic values in high esteem. In the following sections I outline the cornerstones of my path in detail.


My spiritual life consists of a set of practices. In order to develop my presence in these practices, I dedicate myself to them every day. Even though I might not see changes in my life on a daily basis, I am on my path and take one step at a time.

  • I take my devotional path seriously and commit to the daily practices.
  • I set up my own daily practice schedule that I follow with my whole heart.


I view the transcendent and the manifest as equally divine. While I believe the transcendent realm to provide a blueprint of my path that is not mutable under my will, I also believe that I have the free will to translate the blueprint into many different manifest forms here on earth. I view astrology as a language that helps me to understand the transcendent outline of my life and to find harmonious expressions of it in the manifest day to day life. Where the blueprint and my free will are in conflict, I view surrendering to the gods as the best way forward.

  • I live in acceptance of whatever the gods have in store for me.
  • I devote time to meditation, prayer, offerings, and astrology daily.


I turn to silence as an important conversation partner. Silence provides me with fertile ground for actually hearing the voice of the divine, or simply reduces stress on the nervous system. In a practice of silence I learn to listen and consider, instead of trying to know and convince. My practice of silence enhances my capacity to hold space for myself and other people.

  • I practice silence as a virtue of growing presence and heartfelt love.
  • I choose my words carefully and do my best to listen between the lines.


I assume that a clean body offers steady support for a clear mind and loving heart. I practice cleanliness by predominantly eating vegan and organic food as well as limiting my alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate intake. I intend to use body care products that are free from toxic chemicals and make-up that is not tested on animals.

  • I help my body to be the cleanest environment possible for my mind and heart.
  • I limit my meat, alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate consumption, and choose clean body care products and make-up.


I hold the saying “walk in beauty” in high esteem. I live with beauty every day through my speech, my outer appearance, and my home décor, so that beauty may inspire others and contribute to a world full of prosperity, joy, and love.

  • I choose to live every moment of my life with the greatest beauty possible.
  • I speak with beauty, dress with beauty, and fill my home with beauty.


I strive for humility in relation to myself and other people. Even though I wish to deal with every situation from an informed position, I accept that my perspective is incomplete and prone to flaws. I allow myself to make mistakes and correct them with compassion for myself. Where other people are concerned, I hold space for their way of experiencing the world.

  • I meet myself and other people with the humility of not knowing.
  • I accept my mistakes and hold space for other people’s becoming.


I life my life in simplicity. In order to stay focused on what is essential, I remove disturbances such as an excess of belongings, apps, engagements, and subscriptions. I buy new things with earth-friendliness, longevity, and with both functionality as well as beauty in mind. I try to make sure that I enjoy my purchases also in the long run.

  • I make modern lifestyle choices with simplicity in mind.
  • I declutter twice a year and let go of things that I no longer use or need.


I view gratitude as an essential vitamin to a devotional life. I show my appreciation for my life, no matter its exact form, speed, or measure of experienced success. I open my arms for whatever the gods provide me with. I walk the world in awe, with curiosity and a sense of humour, offering my gratitude to the universe.

  • I live with gratitude in my heart for anything that happens to me during this lifetime.
  • I say thanks to the gods several times every day wherever I am.


2018 PhD in Service Studies “Tales of Uniqueness. Value Creation in Rural Tourism Development“, Lund University, Sweden
2011 Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Lund University, Sweden
2007 Bachelor in Cultural Geography, Physical Geography, and Public Law, Lund University, Sweden

2022-ongoing Place of Stillness Astrology, self employed, Spain
2016-2022 Skåneleden, hiking trail coordinator, Höör, Sweden
2011-2018 PhD student in Service Studies, Lund University, Sweden
2007-2010 Ystad Tourist Information, Ystad, Sweden


It is true that my Green Nun path is self-designed, but it is inspired by teachers, places, and books. Here is a list of resources that have helped and still help me to develop on my path:


Adam Elenbaas
Astrology for the Modern Mystic I
Astrology for the Modern Mystic II

Chris Brennan
Electional astrology

Spencer Michaud
Private astrology tutoring

Joan Parisi Wilcox
Andean Sacred Arts Pana
Andean Sacred Arts Chaupi
Andean Sacred Arts Lloq’e
Andean Sacred Arts Master Class
Inner Taiwantin
Hampi Yachay

Alberto Villoldo
Healing the Light Body School
The Medicine Wheel – South
The Medicine Wheel – West
The Medicine Wheel – North
The Medicine Wheel – East
Walking with Protection
Reading the Signs of Destiny
Working with the Sacred

Bronia K
Emotional Freedom Techniques


Jesu Moder Maria Kloster Mariavall

Sankt Dominikus kloster

Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Center



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