Being silent

This month’s card draws resulted in a refined version of my personal expansion with Earth and the Four of Wands. I will stay silent around the specifics of the month, but the developments were deep and happy ❤

Living is Learning Tarot Spread

Whoopsy 🙂 What a busy month it has been. My priority rests on client work as well as my YouTube content, but finally I am uploading the Sagittarius season tarot spread for you here, called the Living is Learning Tarot Spread. Sagittarius season was intense with a lot of Jupiterian energy, but also an interlude…

Bravehearting myself 😉

The end of Scorpio season has come and with it the last position in the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread. What a journey it has been, a magical, surprising, uplifting, and encouraging journey this month. The cards pointed me in a useful direction, developing trust, yes, that is what I can summarise it as, trust. Trust…

Level me up, Scotty!

The veil is thinning, the sun is moving degree by degree, and the days go by. Yesterday I booked a tarot reading in one of the esoteric shops in the Spanish capital, and some of the information I received in earlier predictive readings was repeated a second time, if not third time. It fascinates me…


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