The momentum tunnel

When I attended a neo-shamanic training, one of the teachers addressed the momentum tunnel. The momentum tunnel is a metaphore for our lives being constructed by habits, beliefs, and dependencies that keep us in a set trajectory where shifts seem impossible. In order to escape the speedy movement through the tunnel, we either need to … Fortsätt läsa The momentum tunnel

Swallowed in one piece

My focus card for today was the fourth card in my ”reclaim” tarot spread: VIII Strength. Strength showed up to describe the process of reclamation in my relationship life and it feels both very accurate and manilayered in this position. The card tells me to claim some of my energy back by continuously working on … Fortsätt läsa Swallowed in one piece

Just good enough

The smoke detector that went off in the middle of the night was a bit dystopic but apart from that the ambience of our last minute booking radiated the luxury of Christian Grey. After jumping on top of a suitcase, pressing reset, and cuddling back into the sheets with my sleeping mask and earplugs in … Fortsätt läsa Just good enough

Läser in…

Något gick fel. Ladda om sidan och/eller försök igen.

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