Being silent

This month’s card draws resulted in a refined version of my personal expansion with Earth and the Four of Wands. I will stay silent around the specifics of the month, but the developments were deep and happy ❤

Living is Learning Tarot Spread

Whoopsy 🙂 What a busy month it has been. My priority rests on client work as well as my YouTube content, but finally I am uploading the Sagittarius season tarot spread for you here, called the Living is Learning Tarot Spread. Sagittarius season was intense with a lot of Jupiterian energy, but also an interlude of a Full Moon in Gemini conjunct a retrograde Mars. In order give the Sagittarius season a voice, I created this tarot spread, combining the idea of personal expansion with the notion of integrating past experiences to improve the ongoing process of growth. Download the spread here:

Bravehearting myself ;-)

The end of Scorpio season has come and with it the last position in the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread. What a journey it has been, a magical, surprising, uplifting, and encouraging journey this month. The cards pointed me in a useful direction, developing trust, yes, that is what I can summarise it as, trust. Trust that long-term effort will bring long-term results. It is more a matter of bravery and slow growth. It was a month of bravehearting myself. I think that is all I want to say for now!

Level me up, Scotty!

The veil is thinning, the sun is moving degree by degree, and the days go by. Yesterday I booked a tarot reading in one of the esoteric shops in the Spanish capital, and some of the information I received in earlier predictive readings was repeated a second time, if not third time. It fascinates me how the cards can speak with such a clear voice that returns in an echo-like fashion crossing over different times and readers, including the readings I am doing for myself. In the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread the sneaky one behind me and the slippery slope inside were work cards, over-work cards, and some swords as well. The message was pretty obvious to me, and I have not really made an effort to understand the cards much differently. I am easily caught up in thinking my way forward, when instead I am at the threshold to trusting in a higher form of intelligence that will guide me. My second breakfast consists of the Hanged Man and the Vampire with emotional intelligence. Let go, trust, once again, and ask your guides to level you up on a plane of consciousness where trust exists in abundance!!

Digging in my picnic bag

Blessed Owl of Dawn!! I got a nasty virus or something like that. Even though the Covid test indicates negative, I feel freshly centrifuged and hung upside down. Using the proper drugs makes me regain some of my core strength, but the dark thoughts remain and I feel a craving to complete my paracetamol diet by eating my first breakfast on the sacred passage. When the body is in a bad shape and the darkness of mind sets in, I feel like a fraud, like not making a difference to the world, unaccomplished in my tasks, blablabla. Yet I am almost about to complete a set of astrology readings, which allowed me to gather important new experiences and collect testimonials for my website. A constant movement of improvement is wonderful, yet now is the time to dig deep into the breakfast bag and indulge in the stored goodness like a happy hobbit. The 10 of Coins tell me that my picnic of ticked boxes is rich and with the Dawn there is light after the darkness. Take a rest now, you deserve the break, then know that you will feel better and more positive soon again!

We have it all in our hands

“Maybe together we can make a mark in the stars”, this is a quote from the song Death Stranding by the Chvrches. This song triggers deep layers of my being, in particular now with Scorpio season ongoing, Venus opposite Uranus, and the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread encouraging me to make choices and become braver. When I pulled the cards for the spread I had that feeling that the Sacred Passage could push my process of reclamation in two parallel areas of my life, the Sacred Passage of deepening my commitment to astrology as well as walking the path of unconventional relationships. The uneasy narrowing of my passage brings me to the Magician and the Six of Cups; and when I sense into these cards today I feel the Magician relate to a narrowing around my career, doing the magic of manifesting my personal vision, where a focus on one-on-one consultation is my top priority. For the Six of Cups I feel that the narrowing is an opening up to creating the most loving relationships I am able to live, where love goes beyond the idea of established conventions. Sometimes a narrowing can come as a release of ties and opening as the narrow path is cleared. “We had it all in our hands“, and maybe we still have it all in our hands.

Choices within choices

The headline alone sounds Alice-in-Wonderland-ish. So what has the Alice the Wonderland Oracle to tell me in regards to which portal I am ready to step through? Make a choice with the King of Wands! But, oh, Alice, haven’t I made all the difficult choices yet? Well, you may have made some, but there are always choices within choices. Do it! Now! Okay, okay, so let’s see, I have resigned from work, check, I have moved homes, check, I have arranged an office space, check, I have started to upload with a clear picture in mind, check, I have given up a certain way of doing social media, check, I have started to do some shadow work around deeper layers of fear, check, I have… okay let’s see, maybe I have come to a point where I need to equal my biz with my first career path development. Looking back over those 20 years that I built a career as a PhD in Service Studies and rural tourism development, I see moments of stress, low paid work, going back to study once again, upgrading my salary, doing stuff for the sake of the CV. It is different now in the sense that I am enjoying what I am doing. I am creating something I personally believe in, but it does not mean it won’t take the endurance, patience, adjustments and focus of my first career. And Alice, yes, I am all in for this next choice within choices with you today!!

The Sacred Passage Tarot Spread

Shadow work season has come and with it the Sun in Scorpio. For the month ahead I am working with the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread. It will lead me into a narrow passage where I will need to face my inner demons to stay on track. I have also opened my self-doubt jar and started to look through the collection of self-doubt notes that I have been gathering in there since late August. It is all about letting go old identities and trusting in the creation of something new, stable, and sustainable. To give you an idea of the themes, it is all nothing surprising, but its all classics that many of us experience when we are transitioning from one way of identifying into another: professional competence; human skills; fear of missing out on success, reputation, income, usefulness to the world; fear of not coping well with the work load and emotional impact. It is a constant work of trusting in and developing capabilities and capacities, like a drop of water carving the stone. And yes, times of transition are unsafe, like the Six of Swords card that I love so much. A lake is a dangerous open water, offering an open view to the traveller and their enemies, and still it is a great way to cross over water with a boat, one pull with the oar at a time, making my way through this Sacred Passage. If you wish to work with the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread, you can download it here:

Cunning ones go anywhere

Everyone working with energy knows that intention is everything. You do not have to visualise in order to move energy, you only need to intend and energy is going to follow intention. No matter how much we know it though, it is not always easy to see the workings of our intention unfold in front of our eyes instantly, thus we might stay hesitant and full of doubt. The last position of the Gentle Alignment Tarot Spread dealt with the ultimate purpose of the process of gentle alignment. I got the Nine of Wands and the Apple in this position. From everything I have learned during these past weeks, they are a great reminder to trust my power and that I can make things happen, in particular when I am able to focus on the essentials of my personal craft. The Apple encourages me to choose which fruit to grow and harvest, what you sow you will reap, so be careful to direct energy with a clear intention that really mirrors your desires and needs. Only one wand away burnout and resentfulness await, so better stick to what fits and leave the rest; a fitting intention can get us anywhere we want. Good girls go to heaven, the cunning ones go anywhere 😉

The art of flowing

Well…. a well is a well, but the water in the Page of Chalices seems to be a flowing river sprung from a spring. I am a bit in love with the Gentle Alignment Tarot Spread as it came just about the right time for me; and I agree with you that it sounds silly since I made the spread myself or at least actively channelled it into my practice. So the Page of Chalices and the Vine describe the healing power of the adjustments made up until now. I would say I adjusted my level of social media engagement most of all this month, weighed options, tried new ways, and settled on where I started. I enjoy YouTube, I enjoy this blog, I love to be a one-on-one astrologer rather than a teacher to a group, I enjoy owning my reading space, while also looking for simple collabs. The healing power of it? Space to artfully flow! Indeed! It also shines through in my services. I simply love 1,5 hour sessions with clients since it offers time to fill in with creative ideas, establishing a dialogue, and enhancing a birth chart reading with a soul retrieval when something seems stuck. So while I am certainly not exhausting the power of social media, I think I give myself room to apply my divinatory skills most artfully flowing; and that is also what the Page of Chalices would advise me to do.