Below you can find a list of courses which I am currently putting together and which will be available on Etsy some time soon.

Starting transformation

This course gives an introduction to the mindset applied in all the following courses. While each course can be attended as a free-standing course this course will introduce some basic assumptions that lay the foundations for everything to come.

Weaving your Way

In this course I will introduce how to see the world through four levels of perception. Being able to shift your level of perception you will see more clearly and be able to make energetic shifts in your life.

Shedding old Skin

This is the south course in the medicine wheel series. I introduce the archetype of the serpent who teaches us to heal old wounds and to shed our skin. No matter where serpent decides to moves, serpent is always in touch with the ground and the heartbeat of mother earth.

Looking into Darkness

This is the west course in the medicine wheel series. We look into the archetype of the jaguar who protects their young ones and sees in the dark. Jaguar helps us when we face our darkest spots in relation to ourselves and to others. With jaguar at our side we can find the courage to be honest with ourselves and to release emotional patterns that no longer serve us.

Following your Passion

This is the north course in medicine wheel series. In the direction of north we work with the archetype of the hummingbird. Hummingbird teaches us to listen to our soul’s longing and to follow our passion whole heartedly. We strip ourselves from roles that stand in our way to live in alignment with our deepest wishes.

Trusting the Divine

This is the east course in the medicine wheel series. With the archetype of the eagle at our side we lift ourselves over the mountain tops and see the world from above. Looking at the bigger picture from far beyond we can let go of our fears and step into being. This course is about learning to breathe and to be.

Creating Ceremony

In this course I offer guidance in creating your own ceremony. Part of the course is writing your own prayer for opening sacred space and then we will step by step look at different elements of ceremony that you will explore and put together to reflect your needs.

Healing with Archetypes

The number of archetypes is countless. In the medicine wheel we are working specifically with the four healing archetypes serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle. In this course I encourage you to pick up an archetype you wish to receive healing from at the point in life that you are at. In interaction with this archetype you bring its healing energy to you integrate it into your energy system.