Astrology readings

Birth chart reading

An astrological birth chart reading is the most general of my astrology reading offers. In a birth chart reading we start from one area, such as your career, parenting, relationships, or purpose in life. With your question in mind, I will walk you through your birth chart, looking into the planets, signs, houses, and aspects. We will delineate the back story to your issue from the planetary placements and focus on actionable ways to deal with your situation here and now. You will leave the reading with a clear perspective on your problem and the next steps that will get you closer to a solution.

Tiny habits reading

A tiny habits reading will provide you with a roadmap towards a set goal. In a tiny habits reading we read your birth chart and the upcoming transits for the next three months while focusing on your current situation and habitual patterns. We look into the possible origins of your patterns by examining daily routines and deep rooted beliefs, and we identify the changes that will calibrate the course of your life. You will leave the reading with a list of three actionable tiny habits to implement throughout the next three months to come.

Spiritual vision reading

In a spiritual vision reading we look into the bigger picture of your life by drawing from your birth chart, solar return charts, and advanced timing techniques such as secondary progressions and zodiacal releasing. The reading will bring clarity to where you are at right now and why certain things feel the way they do. It will help you to acknowledge the good parts in your life as well as validate yourself in the more challenging areas. You will leave the reading with concrete tools for your spiritual practice that will help you to live in acceptance and self-awareness regardless of the circumstances.