Astrology services

All astrology services are based on the client’s astrological birth chart. In order to receive an astrological reading, the exact time, date, and place of birth need to be submitted upon booking. My astrological readings are scheduled for 45 minutes each to make sure we will always keep the consultation relevant and powerful. Should the client wish for a deepening follow-up, they can use the time in between sessions for integration and reflection. Each session will be recorded via Zoom and made available to the client to watch back later on.

Please contact me at to ask for rates and book a reading!

Spiritual reading

In a spiritual reading we read your birth chart with focus on what your life is all about. We will look at the purpose you came to earth for, how to use your time on earth wisely in a spiritual sense, and what areas of your life to handle with some extra care.

Creativity reading

In a creativity reading we read your birth chart with focus on your creative potential. We will illuminate which areas of life call for expression, where your inner child might want to speak more clearly, and how to fuel your uniqueness in the day to day.

Parenting reading

In a parenting reading we read the parent’s birth chart with focus on any parenting issue that might call for attention right now. We look into ancestral history to track family patterns, the parent’s personal patterns that might explain certain ways of dealing with parenthood, as well as possible solutions for the parent to improve their overall satisfaction as a parent.

Career reading

In a career reading we read your birth chart with focus on your current career and the career choices you might want to make. We look into your skill set, applications for your skill set, how your skill set might be perceived, and any concrete next steps to take.

Business reading

In a business reading we work with you who is a business owners and your business. First we look into the business owner’s birth chart in order to see where they are at in terms of their business. Second, if possible, we will also look into the businesses birth chart in order to see where the business is at. Placing those two charts next to each other we can work through future prospects and decisions for the business at hand.