Astrology services

Birth chart reading

In a birth chart reading we interpret the web of your karma, consisting of the ascendent, planets, signs, houses and aspects in your chart. A general birth chart reading can help you to find answers to all sorts of questions. You can ask anything about your purpose on earth, your career, romantic life, your parenthood, and much more.

Inner child reading

In an inner child reading we focus on your creative potential. First we illuminate which areas of your life call for expression, where your inner child might want to speak more clearly, and how you can surrender to your uniqueness and feel alive every day. Even if the inner child reading is a stand-alone reading, it is often interwoven with career related questions.

Shadow reading

In a shadow reading we read your birth chart with focus on any pattern that might call for attention right now. We look into the possible origins of the pattern, including ancestral issues, family patterns, your own karmic issues, and we look for ways to improve your overall contentment. This reading can be liberating as it can help you understand and resolve relationship issues.