Astro-tarot coaching

Astro-tarot coaching works great as a follow-up service to your astrology reading. Building on your previous reading, we playfully use your birth chart and tarot cards to get you on track with whatever you are looking to accomplish.

All-purpose coaching

All-purpose coaching is great for those who have previously had a birth chart reading with me and want to take the analysis one step further. We will check back in with your birth chart and dig deep in order to resolve any issues that you are currently working with. All-purpose coaching will usually be supported by tarot card draws to prompt your engagement and deepen the analysis. You will leave an all-purpose coaching session with a wider understanding of your situation and with actionable next steps fresh on your mind.

Tiny habits coaching

Tiny habits coaching is great for those who have previously had a tiny habits astrology reading with me. In the tiny habits coaching we will do a follow-up on your progress toward your goals. We will check back in with your birth chart and also draw some tarot cards to deepen the analysis and clarify your direction. Tiny habits coaching is a great opportunity to hold yourself accountable for your progress and to refresh your intention with new tiny habits to take you one step further on your path.

Spiritual vision coaching

Spiritual vision coaching is a perfect follow-up session for those who have previously received a spiritual vision astrology reading with me. The spiritual vision coaching session will start with a check-in to see where you are currently. We will then draw from your birth chart and use tarot cards to look into ways for you to deepen your process of acceptance and healing as well as your spiritual practice. The spiritual vision coaching will hold space for all your emotions so that you can see and integrate everything that calls for your attention. You will leave the reading with concrete new tools at hand and a fresh direction for your spiritual path.