My name is Manuela and I will help you to take a fresh look at your life. I will guide you to understanding where you are at and what you can do next. All services are provided either via a video recording, a digital live meeting or a face-to-face meeting. I view my clients as competent travellers and consider our meetings as check-in points where help is needed. You can always E-mail me at info@placeofstillness.org in case you want to check if I am the right person for you!


Place of Stillness’ card interpretations align most closely with the Rider Waite Smith system, yet mixed with a touch of numerology and meanings grown from own experience with the cards. The reading style is a mixture of psychological and pragmatic with a soft flavour of prediction. All of the tarot readings by Place of Stillness feed into the mission to help clients discover themselves and their path forward.


Place of Stillness views astrology as a complex system that describes the energy dynamics of the universe on both the collective and individual level. In an astrological consultation we examine the placements of the planets in the native’s birth chart and in the moment of the consultation, in order to illuminate the client’s life situation. Place of Stillness provides their consultations with the mission of helping the client find their place and way forward in life.


Place of Stillness uses coaching questions in order to turn the client into a competent agent. Instead of giving all the power to the cards or the horoscope, the client will actively participate in the interpretation of the cards or planetary constellations. By actively involving the client in each consultation, the client will step into the role of a powerful engineer of their pathways.