My name is Manuela Kronen and Place of Stillness is my soul project. I was born in Germany and moved to my new home in Sweden more than fifteen years ago. My interest in people and the planet started earlier than I can remember. As an observer and listener I have been able to help people find new perspectives on existential and practical questions.

I attained formal spiritual training with the Four Winds Society as a certified shamanic practitioner in Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School. While I believe that formal education and spiritual training has an important place to build foundations, I find that each healer and spiritual counsellor will have to proceed by own experience. Not two of us are born with the exact same gifts, hence no course or teacher nor student or client is a one size fits all.

With my spiritual business I heed the call to share my abilities with the world. My client work is based on my training, my experience, my gifts, and the guidance I receive in the moment. I view each of my clients as a competent traveller and consider our meetings as check-in points when help is needed.