Level me up, Scotty!

The veil is thinning, the sun is moving degree by degree, and the days go by. Yesterday I booked a tarot reading in one of the esoteric shops in the Spanish capital, and some of the information I received in earlier predictive readings was repeated a second time, if not third time. It fascinates me how the cards can speak with such a clear voice that returns in an echo-like fashion crossing over different times and readers, including the readings I am doing for myself. In the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread the sneaky one behind me and the slippery slope inside were work cards, over-work cards, and some swords as well. The message was pretty obvious to me, and I have not really made an effort to understand the cards much differently. I am easily caught up in thinking my way forward, when instead I am at the threshold to trusting in a higher form of intelligence that will guide me. My second breakfast consists of the Hanged Man and the Vampire with emotional intelligence. Let go, trust, once again, and ask your guides to level you up on a plane of consciousness where trust exists in abundance!!