Digging in my picnic bag

Blessed Owl of Dawn!! I got a nasty virus or something like that. Even though the Covid test indicates negative, I feel freshly centrifuged and hung upside down. Using the proper drugs makes me regain some of my core strength, but the dark thoughts remain and I feel a craving to complete my paracetamol diet by eating my first breakfast on the sacred passage. When the body is in a bad shape and the darkness of mind sets in, I feel like a fraud, like not making a difference to the world, unaccomplished in my tasks, blablabla. Yet I am almost about to complete a set of astrology readings, which allowed me to gather important new experiences and collect testimonials for my website. A constant movement of improvement is wonderful, yet now is the time to dig deep into the breakfast bag and indulge in the stored goodness like a happy hobbit. The 10 of Coins tell me that my picnic of ticked boxes is rich and with the Dawn there is light after the darkness. Take a rest now, you deserve the break, then know that you will feel better and more positive soon again!