We have it all in our hands

“Maybe together we can make a mark in the stars”, this is a quote from the song Death Stranding by the Chvrches. This song triggers deep layers of my being, in particular now with Scorpio season ongoing, Venus opposite Uranus, and the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread encouraging me to make choices and become braver. When I pulled the cards for the spread I had that feeling that the Sacred Passage could push my process of reclamation in two parallel areas of my life, the Sacred Passage of deepening my commitment to astrology as well as walking the path of unconventional relationships. The uneasy narrowing of my passage brings me to the Magician and the Six of Cups; and when I sense into these cards today I feel the Magician relate to a narrowing around my career, doing the magic of manifesting my personal vision, where a focus on one-on-one consultation is my top priority. For the Six of Cups I feel that the narrowing is an opening up to creating the most loving relationships I am able to live, where love goes beyond the idea of established conventions. Sometimes a narrowing can come as a release of ties and opening as the narrow path is cleared. “We had it all in our hands“, and maybe we still have it all in our hands.