Choices within choices

The headline alone sounds Alice-in-Wonderland-ish. So what has the Alice the Wonderland Oracle to tell me in regards to which portal I am ready to step through? Make a choice with the King of Wands! But, oh, Alice, haven’t I made all the difficult choices yet? Well, you may have made some, but there are always choices within choices. Do it! Now! Okay, okay, so let’s see, I have resigned from work, check, I have moved homes, check, I have arranged an office space, check, I have started to upload with a clear picture in mind, check, I have given up a certain way of doing social media, check, I have started to do some shadow work around deeper layers of fear, check, I have… okay let’s see, maybe I have come to a point where I need to equal my biz with my first career path development. Looking back over those 20 years that I built a career as a PhD in Service Studies and rural tourism development, I see moments of stress, low paid work, going back to study once again, upgrading my salary, doing stuff for the sake of the CV. It is different now in the sense that I am enjoying what I am doing. I am creating something I personally believe in, but it does not mean it won’t take the endurance, patience, adjustments and focus of my first career. And Alice, yes, I am all in for this next choice within choices with you today!!