The Sacred Passage Tarot Spread

Shadow work season has come and with it the Sun in Scorpio. For the month ahead I am working with the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread. It will lead me into a narrow passage where I will need to face my inner demons to stay on track. I have also opened my self-doubt jar and started to look through the collection of self-doubt notes that I have been gathering in there since late August. It is all about letting go old identities and trusting in the creation of something new, stable, and sustainable. To give you an idea of the themes, it is all nothing surprising, but its all classics that many of us experience when we are transitioning from one way of identifying into another: professional competence; human skills; fear of missing out on success, reputation, income, usefulness to the world; fear of not coping well with the work load and emotional impact. It is a constant work of trusting in and developing capabilities and capacities, like a drop of water carving the stone. And yes, times of transition are unsafe, like the Six of Swords card that I love so much. A lake is a dangerous open water, offering an open view to the traveller and their enemies, and still it is a great way to cross over water with a boat, one pull with the oar at a time, making my way through this Sacred Passage. If you wish to work with the Sacred Passage Tarot Spread, you can download it here: