The art of flowing

Well…. a well is a well, but the water in the Page of Chalices seems to be a flowing river sprung from a spring. I am a bit in love with the Gentle Alignment Tarot Spread as it came just about the right time for me; and I agree with you that it sounds silly since I made the spread myself or at least actively channelled it into my practice. So the Page of Chalices and the Vine describe the healing power of the adjustments made up until now. I would say I adjusted my level of social media engagement most of all this month, weighed options, tried new ways, and settled on where I started. I enjoy YouTube, I enjoy this blog, I love to be a one-on-one astrologer rather than a teacher to a group, I enjoy owning my reading space, while also looking for simple collabs. The healing power of it? Space to artfully flow! Indeed! It also shines through in my services. I simply love 1,5 hour sessions with clients since it offers time to fill in with creative ideas, establishing a dialogue, and enhancing a birth chart reading with a soul retrieval when something seems stuck. So while I am certainly not exhausting the power of social media, I think I give myself room to apply my divinatory skills most artfully flowing; and that is also what the Page of Chalices would advise me to do.