Cunning ones go anywhere

Everyone working with energy knows that intention is everything. You do not have to visualise in order to move energy, you only need to intend and energy is going to follow intention. No matter how much we know it though, it is not always easy to see the workings of our intention unfold in front of our eyes instantly, thus we might stay hesitant and full of doubt. The last position of the Gentle Alignment Tarot Spread dealt with the ultimate purpose of the process of gentle alignment. I got the Nine of Wands and the Apple in this position. From everything I have learned during these past weeks, they are a great reminder to trust my power and that I can make things happen, in particular when I am able to focus on the essentials of my personal craft. The Apple encourages me to choose which fruit to grow and harvest, what you sow you will reap, so be careful to direct energy with a clear intention that really mirrors your desires and needs. Only one wand away burnout and resentfulness await, so better stick to what fits and leave the rest; a fitting intention can get us anywhere we want. Good girls go to heaven, the cunning ones go anywhere 😉