Loosing of the bond

In traditional astrology we work with the Lot of Spirit, among other Lots. The placement of the Lot of Spirit in a birth chart describes how we deal with fate in moments that we experience its impacts intensely. My Lot of Spirit is conjunct my Sun in the first decan of Pisces. Today I am experiencing an astrological event in my chart that is called “loosing of the bond”. It would take me too long to explain the technical details, but it basically signifies a new phase of my Lot of Spirit where I am no longer bound by old bonds, but can freely choose new ways to meet my fate. As I knew that the loosing of bonds was approaching, I planned to close a chapter in my life today. I sent off three different types of cheese and two membrillos/special jams to my former boss and colleague as I had promised. It felt like a ritual of transitions, closing the old work related chapter sending an offering to my former gods of money and social security. The tarot card representing the placement of my Lot of Spirit in my natal chart is the 8 of Cups. I strikes me NOW as I sit down at the desk to journal about this card that in fact this card must have been meant for today. After sending off the real life offering and some other gifts to people I cherish, I feel initiated into my new work situation as an entrepreneur. Ivy will make the passion cling, it will hold the wall together, maybe also destroy it to some extent, safeguarding a field, growth, safer space for myself and other people. As I keep loosing old bonds, new ones grow, such as the entangled Ivy.