Just a little muck

Usually I am not very serious about Mercury retrogrades, but this time it really hit me, maybe because this time I paid particular attention and did some deep work around the planet of communication going backwards. Now we have resumed direct motion and I feel in a good place to share some of my reflections here on my blog-journal. For Libra season I created the Gentle Alignment Tarot Spread that is imbibed with the intention to help us adjust and align. The first position was about making adjustments to a masterplan, based on an understanding of right and wrong. My life is still very much about finding my professional place in Spain and the tiny changes I am picturing are likely connected to doing spirituality in a way that feels right and sharable from a place of authenticity. I was considering engaging more intensely and broadly in social media to make sure my audience is growing. After testing this for a week I felt back in a state of exhaustion, and I needed to admit to myself, it is not for me. Very much as the cards suggest I am in need of the 4 of Swords in everything I am doing and build spiritual work from a transformational and alchemical place. It does not feel right to me to make a mainstream social media engagement part of my masterplan. I can only surrender to my basic needs and experience of the world and say I give up on certain benefits of social media in order to do justice to myself. It does not mean switching off completely, but it does mean that I am watching other people’s content in full presence, commenting fully present, which takes more time than strategic commenting with the goal of visibility in mind. Also I am not willing to cover my despicable face, which might turn people off, it might be too honest, too transparent, or too awkward and disappointing to hear me speak, but sometimes we need to be brave to be ourselves. It reminds me of “Bröderna Lejonhjärta” (The Brothers Lionheart) by Astrid Lindgren. Some things we simply have to do, otherwise we are nothing else than a little muck. Watch the Swedish version here 🙂