Download hasn’t started

Today is the last day of Virgo in my calendar. Not that the Sun would be moving any differently in my sacred space, but the thing is that I will start recording the Libra newsletter tomorrow, and with that I will do the next monthly tarot spread for myself. This month has been a tough one in terms of engaging with the cards. It feels like the download hasn’t started yet. I still want to understand the cards in the last two positions of the Inner Peace Tarot Spread: the deep comfort I bring to myself and what starts to be unnecessary as I step into my being. So I will do a quick and dirty reading of these four remaining cards, consisting of the Hanged Man and Sublimation as well as the 7 of Wands and The Uncreated. The most spontaneous interpretation that pops into my mind is that I will know much better where to invest energy as I step into being. I can hang around in sublimation, letting go of my guard and struggle to make things happen, letting the uncreated drift away into the business of the void.