High quality reflection

What environment can create the necessary space for my being is the question targeted in today’s blogpost. My favourite minor arcana, the Six of Swords, made an appearance, picturing a quiet writing corner with feathers, ink, and parchment paper. The oracle card Gold supported the message of the Six of Swords. Today is the first day of my external child attending a full day at pre-school. It is the perfect day to create an environment for being. While I am not writing with a quill and ink, I sympathise with the idea of quietness in the Herbcrafter card setup. I feel that the Gold card might signify the heat of the Sun, but then I am not really someone who likes to sunbath, so perhaps the idea of the luxury of quiet communication fits my ideal environment better. Also I enjoy actually having some items of luxury at hand that could represent the Gold, like my computer, writing tools, and maybe friends who enjoy a time of high quality reflection, exchanging deep thoughts about our lives. I have not had much time to put into the slow paced type of exchange for a long time, but now I have slightly more of it and it makes me incredibly happy!