Your powerful power

Now that I got the despicable face out of the way, I will go straight away to the wisdom I may bring to people by means of showing this face to the world. The cards that I received to address this are the King of Pentacles/Curandera of Earth/Healer of Earth and the Void/Aether. These two cards hold the essence to the name of my business, Place of Stillness. When we step out of consensus reality for a moment – if necessary with the help of the-one-who-must-not-be-named – and get in touch with our truth beyond what we know, we can receive healing in the Void. My job is to bring people there and to root the experience of their healed selves at least a little in the realm of the pentacles. I am happy to find these very healing oriented cards in the wisdom, and the message that starts to build up as I go downhill after mulling it over, is a consejo to myself as much as all of you, to never underestimate our power.