Come and despise me

The despicable face from the previous post is still haunting me, but things start to take shape. In order to make the most out of my transition year in Spain, I decided to book a Sacred Space session with lovely Cosmic Creeper, something that I am likely to continue during the months to come. We discussed the card position from the Inner Peace Tarot Spread that left me puzzled and now I start to grasp that the legacy I am going to grow will necessarily leave me vulnerable and not be a glossy mainstream way of expressing myself. A legacy can only grow from something that is at least a bit different from what we already know, from what we easily agree with, from something that has been there before. My legacy will make some people despise me and that is okay, because it is natural; and there will be others who won’t and who will be helped by my honest perspective that validates experiences, considerations, and choices of pathways. Not that I am actively looking to create conflict in my self-expression, yet, if I manage to allow myself to not be loved by everyone and still be able to generate love for myself, I might bring a little grain of change to the world. To end this interpretation with a note on beauty, take a look at the sweet dried flowers on my Mabon altar work-in-progress. They are not what we expect flowers to be – alive and full of colour -, but I love them nevertheless or even more!