A wicked legacy

It has taken me ages to start engaging with the Inner Peace Tarot Spread for Virgo season. The state of my inner peace simply was not as accomplished as I could hope for, on top of the message of the first spread position puzzling me substantially. It sounds great to grow a legacy from “just being in the world”. But the message I got from the cards was IX Hermit, Raven’s Head, and Despicable Face. After looking up “despicable”, I started wondering if the cards meant I should better not just be and instead work on myself so that I could bear some real fruit and not some random lazy fruit. Moving to Madrid has changed my life in many ways and I will say I enjoyed doing some devilish shopping to follow up on a tarot reading I received by Common Hawthorn earlier this year. I take my body journaling seriously, you know. Also I needed to renew my wardrobe and found further encouragement to follow through in a birth chart reading by Premier État Philosophy. But maybe now is the time to stop the wallowing and to get myself back on track with the deeper layer of being, preventing myself from creating a wicked type of legacy.