The alchemy of faith

Today I decided to do an add-on daily draw to boost the message of the Six of Bells and Seven of Ink. The Six of Bells and Seven of Ink had already let me know that it would be a good idea to communicate my current course of action and to shine with pride as I follow my ambition. In order to connect with this message even more deeply, I engaged the latest newcomer on my tarot and oracle shelves, the Wild Unknown Alchemy deck. It said “Neptunus”, which an astrologer immediately translates into “water”, “dissolution”, “faith”. The funny thing about these cards in a row is that all of them contain rays; how fitting for the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread. To me the cards seem to say that I can send my prayers and intentions to the godly realms, letting them answer and guide me. I have nothing to defend in the solid world of the day-to-day, the higher wisdom of the divine will speak on my behalf. Keep going and trust in the alchemy of faith!