Dark moon relaxation

Entertaining a somewhat regular tarot practice is actually quite nice. Today is the dark moon in Leo and who knows what will happen when Uranus, Mars, and the north node square the Sun, Moon, and Mercury. I took a short walk to the supermarket in order to restock on gluten-free flour, yeast, and some green leafs. Then I mainly hung out with myself and looked forward to a soothing dark moon relaxation and reflection. I can get overwhelmed with messages when I do too many readings on top of each other. That is why I decided to repurpose four cards from the Rise’n’Shine Tarot Spread to fill position one and two of Emily’s New Moon in Leo spread that I picked as a companion for the self-care session. While soaking my feet in a blend of herb-salt-soda bathwater, I pondered on the draw. The cards all point me into the direction of surrendering, no more hurried decision taking, no more struggling with my own thoughts. I appreciate this moment of rest and stillness. Let’s hope that the world events will fall in line with the same message.