Raven going pink

We made it to Spain and our stuff also made it to Spain, arriving with the moving company only twelve hours after us. Since our arrival, I have been focusing in on the last card in my Reclaim Tarot Spread, the Queen of Wands. If you want to see our new flat, receive some behind the scenes updates, and hear me recap on my tarot practice in more detail, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter. The Queen of Wands occupied the position of the overall guiding energy that would result from the reclamation process that I started after quitting my job in the middle of June. The life changes that I have worked for have created the space around me to finally embody the Queen of Wands fully. She is no longer an aspiration, dream, or idea; I am living her every day. Also, the queen in me, which has always been so earthy and black, now feels ethereal and pink in her expression. The transition from being a black raven to adding pink comes as such a surprise, but I see the change as an actual energy shift taking place. It is easy to get stuck in past assumptions of who we are when we imagine our place of ownership and action. I am happy to be surprised; and if pink is the guiding colour now, I will go for it!