Swallowed in one piece

My focus card for today was the fourth card in my “reclaim” tarot spread: VIII Strength. Strength showed up to describe the process of reclamation in my relationship life and it feels both very accurate and manilayered in this position. The card tells me to claim some of my energy back by continuously working on firm boundaries while keeping an openness towards compromises. The balance between my and others needs is an issue for anyone of us almost all the time. There is no exhaustive guide to the rights and wrongs in connecting with others, no cheat sheet with the corrects quiz answers to the “getting you”. I want to let Strength remind me that a loss of boundaries is natural in certain situations and moments. Becoming a parent is only one of those life events when the lion swallows us in one piece. Doing the parenting with someone is a complex achievement that can drain us as much as it brings delight. There is no shame in letting boundaries slip and slowly claiming them back.