Just good enough

The smoke detector that went off in the middle of the night was a bit dystopian but apart from that the ambience of our last minute booking radiated the luxury of Christian Grey. After jumping on top of a suitcase, pressing reset, and cuddling back into the sheets with my sleeping mask and earplugs in place, it took some more hours before finding an elaborate printed apology at our doorstep and getting ready for breakfast. Very little alienated we got coffee and we got tea, my dear, and got our toast roasted on both sides. Then hubby carried all our luggage back to the car and in the next step we enjoyed the ride on the left lane, asking ourselves why people plant tight hedges around their crops and pastures that block our view on the pastoral landscape. After finding most of the lunch places in Kettering closed, we got ourselves a DIY tortilla kit at Sainsbury’s and headed off for the playground. I am in the car now, waiting for my turn to play, watching the wardens who are patrolling the parking spaces to get a catch. I am avoiding the card of the day, XVI Revolution, as I am seeking out a trajectory of transition rather than a radical break with the life I am leaving behind. It could be a sign of maturity and perhaps changing country, work situation, language, etcetera, is just good enough to count as a personal revolution already.