A mouth full of chocolate

Have I relaxed into my cactus spaceship now? Maybe with one pinky toe but change takes time and the older I get the longer it seems to take. At least the years have taught me that chocolate makes everything in (my) life easier. We drove some hours from our hotel in Bremen to Hoek van Holland to board the ferry to Harwich. My husband’s brother, who lives in the Netherlands, waved us goodbye with a well-filled lunch bag. My focus tarot card of the day is the second one in my “reclaim” tarot spread, the Ace of Cups. I find the suit of cups the most challenging as it is somewhat intangible and vague that I have difficulties integrating its messages by practical steps. It is like you cannot force a feeling of love, it needs space to grow, and as long as the practicalities of life suffocate the space, how could love emerge? I will need to have patience with myself, creating space, like the space around the chalice in the Ace of Cups in the Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot. The chalice is left alone to glow and an energised moth climbs out of its opening just at the right time. Meanwhile, let’s have a bite of chocolate, Tony’s Chocolonely, for the chocomaniac’s among us.