The bravery of being

This morning, my family and I packed our car full of stuff and drove to the first ferry on our trip. I am writing this while I we are crossing the Baltic Sea, going from Sweden to Germany, before continuing our journey to England, Ireland, and our final destination Spain. I am using this day’s head space to reflect on the first tarot card in my “reclaim” tarot spread, the 2 of Wands, which landed in the position of where I am currently at. A quote from the guidebook says: “Think about the things you have claimed and what else you feel to make your own”. In fact, in this very moment I do not feel in the mood to make new stuff or new roles my own. These past years have been pretty busy, creating a sense of security by acquiring things and doing what was expected of me. For the time being I would much prefer to return some of what I borrowed and wash gold from what will remain. The figure depicted in the 2 of Wands looks like she is unsure about where she belongs. A lush, floating cactus island lies right beneath her feet, carrying her to an unknown destination. She looks back through a gate of two wands, maybe regretful, maybe fearful? This is how I might have felt this morning when crossing under the pillars of the Öresund bridge that seems to separate Scandinavia from the warmer parts of the continent. My cactus spaceship is gaining momentum but emotionally I am still looking back. So here is what I will take from the 2 of Wands, the bravery of letting go and being in the moment, to claim my emotional presence this very day.