A beautiful compliment

It is a rare event to receive a casual compliment that makes my heart melt. While I had my last coffee with one of my colleagues on my last work day, he remarked that he had no one else in his circles who could break up set thought structures the way I could. To me that appears to be a beautiful ability and even though I have experienced that it can be difficult to be smooth and fit in with this trait, I really, really enjoy that part of my skillset. So today I want to allow myself some humble pride as I am posting this note. The colleague and I took one last picture together at our office – no he is not the squirrel. You can imagine him at my left side where I cut the picture off. Tomorrow my family and I will start our journey south and I am glad and a bit sad to leave my employment behind. Certainly I will not abandon the friendships that I have made during these past six years as a hiking trail coordinator. Thank you /M for having my back during all these years!