An old fashioned blog

Those nights when the kid wakes you up and you cannot get back to sleep even though it is only 3.30. It is the time when I sit down and reflect on questions such as why I prefer an old fashioned blog instead of posting on the more modern social media. I have tried Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, of which I have enjoyed YouTube the most. On YouTube I have been able to make some real friends who I have visited, whatsapped and zoomed with. But despite the lovely contacts I have made, I do not feel authentic on YouTube, and I do not have the capacity to keep up with all the content, new subscribers, comments and commenting, without burning myself out. The old fashioned blog simply is my own space – no competition, no adds, no spam, no trolls – and whoever wants to come and visit can do so from time to time. I have switched off the comments in order to create a digital place of stillness. If feels good!