A guide on my path

The Queen of Swords has revealed herself as a guide on my path in the Boho Tarot inspired monthly medicine practice. In what fashion can I let myself be guided by this queen? She sits firmly on her throne, eyes closed, and holding her sword like a meditative tool. It is her sharp mind and foresight that allow her to keep her eyes closed. Even if her eyes do not tell her what is going to come, her psychic connection to the world allows her to plot the next steps accurately and in a logical order. The wind comes as the messenger, an element that is full of surprises and commands a swift response. During the next days and maybe weeks I will do body journaling with the Queen of Swords, slipping into the body posture of this sovereign queen, letting my naked feet rest on rocks, and the wind kiss my cheeks. I love body journaling as a way of connecting with my tarot cards and integrating the messages into my daily life.