Services for the Soul

At Place of Stillness you can book spiritual services and find inspiration for your spiritual practice // Hos Place of Stillness kan du boka andliga tjänster samt hitta inspiration till ditt spirituella liv // Hier kannst du spirituelle Wegbegleitung buchen sowie Inspiration für deinen spirituellen Alltag finden


I enjoyed the Illuminated reading I had with Manuela. She definitely has an ability to establish contact with cards and her client as whatever she said was spot on. I really appreciated Manuela’s delicate and tactful style of reading, where she flexibly gets adjusted to my reaction to what she says and no matter if I wanted to talk or keep silent, she handled it quite well. She knows her cards and transmits their message in a very comprehensive way. Highly recommend!


When you told me I had to choose between the two questions, in order to own the question, I thought that was a valid point. I’m glad that you offered me a way to do it via the cards rather than just telling me I had to pick one. I thought it was good that you described your level of experience or comfort with either sort of question. I liked being given my choice between two decks. I liked your spread, with the pairs of current state/action. I was concerned that as the pentacles were showing up that you focused so much on work (since I had identified work as a current challenge), but was glad that you noticed you were doing it, acknowledged that, and broadened your consideration of what the pentacles could refer to. You held the cards up well (you paid attention to relative position as I was looking at them). I appreciated the opportunity to see the whole spread, and I really loved when you suggested rearranging the three of swords and the queen of swords. I wouldn’t have noticed the absence of cups/water, so I was glad when you pointed that out. When you asked me what card I would replace it was a very good question, and I liked how you dealt with my response by again offering to pull another card (from a lovely deck). It was great that you presented challenges but were flexible in responding to my answers. I was impressed that you saved the discarded discernment card from the beginning and shared it with me in the photos of the reading.